Elite Shower Wall 48"x34"x53" with 48"x34" Seated Base

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This wall offers a high gloss acrylic surface for a bright shine that is easy to clean. It's stain and chemical resistant and available in a smooth finish. The set includes two spacious shelves for optimum storage. It has three panels and is designed to be installed direct to studs with no pre-drilling required. The kit is covered in a protective film and packaged in one carton.

We offer shower bases to complement your Elite walls.

Elite Shower Bases



  High gloss acrylic surface for a bright shine.
• Easy to clean, scratch and stain resistant.
• Two spacious 4” wide shelves.
• Innovative design hides seams and eliminates caulk.
• Elite™ Wall design overlaps base to keep
  water inside.
• No drilling necessary, screw direct to stud.
• Easy to install for both new construction
  and remodel projects.
• Covered with a protective film to maintain
   finish during installation.
• Wall set includes one back panel, one left panel,
   and one right wall panel.
• Each set packaged in one carton.
• 5 Year Consumer, 2 Year Commercial
  Limited Warranty.