5 Reasons to Consider Manufacturing Jobs

Frequently, people dismiss manufacturing jobs in Michigan as a viable career choice. Many feel it doesn’t offer enough advancement opportunities or career satisfaction. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Manufacturing jobs offer great opportunities for career development in a high-demand industry. At Lyons Industries in Dowagiac, MI, we offer competitive wages, insurance, 401k, and profit-sharing benefits.

Are you looking for more information to convince you? Here are five top reasons to consider a manufacturing career!

High-Demand Industry

You’ll learn right off the bat that manufacturing is a high-demand industry. There are always opportunities to be had and positions available. Many aspects of the world rely on manufacturing. As a result, the services provided by the industry are repeatedly requested.

Additionally, the generation that held many manufacturing positions (Baby Boomers) are now at retirement age or on the cusp of such. Therefore, the field is experiencing a critical shortage of workers and is actively recruiting for replacements.

Good Pay And Benefits

Due to the high workload and the manual labor that comes with a manufacturing job, the compensation associated with the industry is higher than in other sectors. With higher pay also comes competitive benefits for staff and their families.

There aren’t many career choices available that allow you to walk onto a job directly out of high school and make a solid income. Manufacturing is one of the few that provides this possibility for workers.

No Student Debt

While many individuals go directly from high school to college to gain education in their field of choice, those who pursue manufacturing do not have to. Almost all corporations, and for sure the manufacturing jobs in Michigan, provide on-site training with no out-of-pocket expense to you.

Combining the high pay level with the lack of student loan debt repayment will afford you a better quality lifestyle for years to come.

Work With New Technologies

Having the ability to continually expand your knowledge and learn new tricks of the trade is another perk that comes with the manufacturing industry. At our location in Dowagiac, MI, we are constantly onboarding new technological solutions in our everyday processes.

Some of the machines and technology that we use are unique to our specific business model and aren’t often utilized outside of the industry. Our employees are frequently some of the first users of our new specialized equipment and concepts.

Opportunities For Advancement

Manufacturing provides ongoing opportunities for advancement. As a constantly evolving and growing industry, there are always career paths to explore and scale. It is important to us that our employees feel ownership over their career path, and we encourage them to actively work towards those goals.

One of the ways we do so is by offering additional support. At Lyons Industries, we pair our employees with a mentor to help them select their preferred journey and formulate a plan to accomplish their goals.

In Summary

Manufacturing jobs are a career path that should be explored thoroughly by everyone looking to enter into a workforce that is both rewarding and innovative. There are many options available when searching for manufacturing jobs in Michigan, but working at Lyons Industries in Dowagiac, MI will provide competitive compensation, benefits, and growth opportunities.

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