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Factory Jobs with Great Benefits

If you’re looking for an entry or advanced level manufacturing position that offers many benefits, Lyons Industries, Inc. would love to help you find the right job in our company. Besides competitive wages (1st Shift – $18/hr | 2nd Shift – $20/hr), there are many other advantages to working at Lyons Industries, which you can read about using the links below. Apply today to get started on a wonderful career and connect with a life coach to guide you through your new job. Call (269) 782-3404 for more information today!

Starting Pay

Lyons Industries offers entry and advanced level factory jobs with competitive starting wages.  $18 per hour for first shift positions (6AM to 4PM) and $20 per hour for second shift positions (4PM to 2AM).  In addition to the high starting wage, we will also reimburse you for up to $50 towards the cost of steel-toed boots and up to $150 of the cost of prescription safety glasses.

Time Off

At Lyons Industries, we understand how important it is for employees to get time off when they need it.  Especially for things like weddings, funerals, graduations and other occasions which are far more important than work. This is why we offer time off to all employees at 90 days of service*.

Paid Time Off for Years of Service:

  • 90 Days of Service         9 Days
  • 1 Year of Service           11 Days
  • 2 Years of Service         13 Days
  • 3 Years of Service         15 Days
  • 4 Years of Service         17 Days
  • 5 Years of Service         19 Days
  • 10 Years of Service       21 Days
  • 15+ Years of Service     23 Days

Personal Unpaid Days – 3 Personal Unpaid Days

Paid Birthday – 1 Paid Birthday Day to use anytime you want

Paid Holidays – New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

*For PTO, Personal Unpaid Day, Paid Birthday and Paid Holidays, employees must follow employee handbook policies and guidelines when requesting use of Benefit.

Great Insurance

Lyons Industries offers great health insurance to our hardworking employees. We know how important health insurance is, especially to those with families. Take a moment to look at the details about the health insurance you can receive as another benefit of working with Lyons Industries by clicking this link.

Onsite Healthcare

We know with your busy schedule that you don’t always have time to make it to the doctor for earaches, sore throats, or other illnesses. That is why Lyons has a medical team onsite with professionals who can diagnose, run tests, and even write prescriptions. And it’s free of charge!

Profit Sharing

Lyons Industries, Inc. 2021 Profit Sharing Plan

3rd quarter, 2021, each eligible employee received a profit-sharing check of $983 before taxes!

The goal behind the Lyons Industries, Inc. Profit Sharing Plan is to share a portion of profits with all eligible employees.

  • Calculation of Benefit
    • Quarterly profit must be at least $400,000
    • 8% of total before-tax quarterly profit split evenly (per capita) among all eligible employees
    • Benefit payment is made quarterly
    • Benefit is made up of four components, each having an equal impact on the amount of benefit being paid
      • Work Safe
        • If there are no lost time accidents during the quarter, 25% of the total benefit will be paid.
      • Minimize Scrap
        • If Scrap is 1.7% of Sales or less, 25% of the total benefit will be paid
      • Minimize Customer Defects
        • If Returns and Allowances is 4.0% of Sales or less, 25% of the total benefit will be paid
      • Minimize Inventory Variance
        • If Inventory Variance is 0.5% of Sales or less, 25% of the total benefit will be paid
  • Eligible Employees
    • All company employees with at least 90 days of service as of the last day of the quarter will receive the full benefit of the profit sharing plan
    • All company employees with at least 60 days of service as of the last day of the quarter will receive a prorated benefit of the profit sharing plan
      • Pro rata will be a percentage of days employed to 90 days
    • Employee must be employed on the last day of the quarter to receive a payment under this program for that quarter
    • Employee must have no written disciplinary action during the quarter
    • Employee must have worked during the quarter being measured

Lyons Industries, Inc. intent in adopting the Profit Sharing Plan is that it qualifies as a bona fide profit sharing plan in accordance with the requirements set forth in 29 C.F.R Part 549.  The terms of this plan shall be interpreted consistent with that intent.

Military Pay

At Lyons Industries, we believe that those who serve our country should be rewarded. As a thank you to our military employees for their service protecting our freedom, Lyons employees who miss have to miss work due to military training obligations will receive $100.00 for each workday missed, for up to 50 days per year. Thank you for your Service!

Success Coach

Having car troubles? Need help budgeting? Want to gain skills to advance your career?

Come talk to Diane for confidential assistance. When life happens and you don’t have a solution or know what resources are available, Diane will be there to help you.

Diane is our Success Coach with The Link – a FREE service available to you as an employee of Lyons Industries, Inc. As your success coach, Diane will work with you to find solutions to challenges you are facing at home that make it hard to focus when you’re at work. She visits once a week and is available for both shifts. HR will help you schedule a meeting time. You’ll be “on the clock,” so you don’t have to worry about losing any pay. She will meet with you privately, one-on-one, in an office for as long and as often as you need to. When she isn’t at our plant you can call or text her anytime.

Here’s some fun facts to learn about her before you work together. She is…

  • Passionate about the individuals she works with.
  • Always looking for ways to volunteer and make a difference in the community.
  • A wedding coordinator and event planner in her free time.

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