5 Skills Required to Excel in a Manufacturing Career

Many people throughout the world operate with the mentality that working in manufacturing doesn’t require a unique set of skills. While it is true that many positions are marketed as entry-level manufacturing jobs and can be obtained without higher levels of education, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need a particular set of skills to excel in the industry.

Do you have what it takes to work at Lyons Industries in Dowagiac, MI? Continue reading to find out what skills you need to do so.


Factories operate best when they are fully staffed. When one individual is out, it can throw the whole operation off. When a person is highly trained in their position, they know how to run it best. If a substitute is available, a lesser experienced person can cause quality issues and/or slow down production.  Ultimately, that makes it harder for the other employees and disappoint the customer

Because of that, having a dependable employee is a considerable asset to manufacturing. We want to make sure that every piece meets the customer’s standards and ships on time.  Having all of our people working together helps us achieve those goals.

Communication Skills

Many times, issues arise on the line that needs addressing. Whether it’s an issue with equipment, a quality assurance problem, or even employee relations conflicts, each solution requires effective communication with your team and supervisor.

While you do not have to be a professional at the skill of the process, it is essential that you can appropriately communicate your needs, problems and solutions. Without this, the flow of work and team camaraderie won’t work as it should.

Desire To Learn

In a manufacturing career, you quickly realize that internal operations can change as technology advances. When this happens, you’ll have to adjust to the new elements, machines and standards. However, there are parts of the manufacturing process that remain consistent. Therefore, those looking for consistent day-to-day tasks may enjoy the comfortable feel of knowing what your day will look like, with the occasional learning curve to better operations.

Attention To Detail

When employed with manufacturing companies, the need to have attention to detail is very important. Having the ability to notice slight imperfections or changes in quality are vital to providing great customer service.

Those who have this skill are likely to excel at manufacturing. Making each product meet specific standards is the definition of quality.  Consistent quality is what keeps customers coming back for more.

Critical Thinking

There are times that come up during the workday that require you to think outside the box for a solution.  Whether it is a machine malfunctioning or a backup in production, you’ll need to analyze the situation and form a plan for its resolution.

These times are where critical thinking comes into play. Having this skill will help you get the process back on track and keep issues to a minimum.


After reading through the skills required to excel in a manufacturing career, do you think you have what it takes? If so, check out our available positions at Lyons Industries and apply today!