Family-Owned Manufacturing Company Offers Employees Job Security

Are you concerned about being laid off? Or wondering what happens to your job in a recession? These are real questions that individuals think about far too often.    

For most businesses and their employees, it’s hard to believe after the last two years of record sales the economy is slowing down to the point of a recession.  As a result of being in business for over 53 years, Lyons Industries and my family, have been through many recessions.  Like the gas & oil embargo and hyperinflation in the early 70’s to the early 80’s recession to the housing bubble of 2007/2008 to name a few.  

On average, there’s an economic “crisis” in the United States every seven years.  Each crisis is unique but the overall formula for survival is the same.  Take care of your customers and employees, spend wisely and avoid debt.  To do that requires spending less than we make in good times so we can get through the bad ones.  This is how every successful company, large or small, stays in business decade after decade.

One of the many benefits of being a family-owned company is the ability to react quickly in both times of crisis and opportunity.   We make decisions based on what’s best for our customers and our employees long-term success, not what’s best for a short-term stock price.  

After the 2008 recession, one of the decisions we made was to focus 95% of our business on the remodeling industry.  Specifically, making bathtubs and showers for residential use.  It’s fairly “recession-proof”.   When times are good, people remodel their bathrooms because they can afford it.  Buying and selling houses, in good times leads to higher home prices, more equity and upgrades.  When times are slow, people stay home.  There’s less traveling.  Fewer homes are sold.  Fewer large ticket items, like cars, boats, and RVs are purchased.  More people, spending more time at home means more remodeling. 

One of our guiding principles is preparation.  We have been preparing since 2010 to be ready for the next recession.  We have a great base of customers who pay on time, are privately owned, and easy to work with.  We have new products to introduce if we need to increase sales.  We have done much automation that makes everyone’s job easier and are committed financially to many more automation projects large and small over the next year and beyond.  We are debt-free and will continue to pay profit-sharing bonuses to all employees as long as we are profitable.  And most importantly, WE ARE HIRING!

Unless there’s a catastrophic economic crisis Lyons Industries, Inc. will not be doing any layoffs.  We will continue to hire through this economic downturn to be ready for when demand increases if our demand goes down at all.  

If you’re looking for a stable, family-owned company focused on treating employees and customers right, please visit us at to learn more about us and apply.  

As my grandpa taught me long ago, as long as people shower and bathe with water, we have a job!

Lance Lyons