Here Are 5 Reasons To Work At Lyons Industries

Working for Lyons Industries comes with many employment perks that you won’t want to miss out on. As one of the top companies in Dowagiac, MI, we offer benefits that are not only helpful to our employees but to their entire families.

Continue reading below to learn more about our business’s advantages to individuals, families, and the community. At the end of this article, we will provide the appropriate contact information so that you can join our team today!

Immediate Time Off

We recognize there are time off needs that arise that are often beyond your control. As a result, we offer new employees three unpaid days for use at their discretion. These three days are available as soon as the job begins. Once workers reach 90-days of employment, they are automatically given nine days of paid time off and a birthday day!

Competitive Wages

Most of our employees at Lyons Industries are full-time, permanent workers on day one. We desire to have a whole, family-like team behind us every day.

To further show appreciation to our team members, we start our first shift employees at a competitive industry rate of $18 per hour. For those who work our second shift, we offer a starting wage of $20 per hour.

Life Coaching

When new employees join our team, we enroll them in our life coaching program, where a mentor from an outside source works with current and newly hired employees to help them with any obstacles they may face outside of work. These barriers include issues with a driver’s license or transportation, housing, food, daycare, etc.

Additionally, we have an internal mentorship program. With this opportunity, we pair a new staff member with a more seasoned, veteran employee. This mentorship gives new staff the chance to have a direct contact at work that they can approach with any questions, concerns, or receive advice. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to create a future growth plan within the company.

Room For Growth

We have 130 employees between two shifts and our office, which is all under one roof. We like to invest in our people and our plant. These investments allow us to deliver excellent customer service while creating different job opportunities in production and management. These technology investments are also making our jobs easier. We train in-house on how to use the robots and other automation equipment. And more robots are coming!

Active Duty Pay

We have a tremendous amount of respect for those who selflessly serve our country. Additionally, we understand that there are required time commitments and obligations that come with fulfilling that role. Therefore, we offer all employees that serve in the National Guard a daily pay of $100 when they are at drill, for up to 50 days per year.

In Summary

Finding a good fit for employment can be challenging. Not only do you want to find a place that pays well, but you want an environment where you feel supported and appreciated. We offer all of this and more at Lyons Industries, located in beautiful Dowagiac, MI!

Join our team! Apply online at We look forward to hearing from you and having you join our family-owned and operated team!