Jobs in Dowagiac Michigan | Lyons Industries

When finding a job that is the best fit for you and your family, there are specific criteria that should go without saying but often don’t exist in the workplace. What are these particular criteria? Most often, they include preparation, respect, integrity, quality, and service.

At Lyons Industries, these are values that we abide by, and we work to stand out from the crowd by taking steps to implement those characteristics every day. Do we care about our customers? Absolutely. But we care about our staff even more and want to make sure they are taken care of in every way possible.

Do you live around Dowagiac, MI? Join our team at Lyons Industries! Continue reading below to find out why we are an excellent employment option for you.

Exceptional Pay

We appreciate our staff and strive to provide a competitive salary for the industry. In addition to the $500 sign-on bonus that we offer each new employee, we start our first shift staff at $18 per hour. For our second shift option, we start at $20 per hour.

All of our positions are permanent and full-time. At Lyons Industries, we aren’t just looking for help. We are looking for a permanent team that can become like family.

Family Owned and Operated

Our company was started in Dowagiac, MI, in 1968. Lance Lyons knows the importance of family as the third-generation Lyons Industries President and co-owner.  He and his team are deeply committed to operating the business based on family values and serving their employees.

With its history in the area, Lyons Industries has become a memorable name for generations. Although the products manufactured over the years have changed, our dedication to the area and our staff have not.

Quality Benefits

How many factories do you know of that offer life coaching for their employees? We do! We feel it is essential to have someone to help guide individuals on a path to success. Therefore, we offer a mentor to all our current and new staff members. Our mentor will work with you starting your first week.  She can help you navigate and get through barriers at home or on the job.

We also offer a referral program for current employees who refer a new staff member to join our team. For each successful referral, the employee receives $1,000!

In Summary

Finding a good fit for employment can be challenging. Not only do you want to find a place that pays well, but you want an environment where you feel supported and appreciated. We offer all of this and more at Lyons Industries, located in beautiful Dowagiac, MI!

Ready to be part of the Lyons team? Fill out the quick apply today. We look forward to hearing from you and having you join our family-owned and operated team!