No Experience Factory Jobs Hiring In Dowagiac Michigan

As you move into the stage of life where you are contemplating what career direction you want to take, you can feel limited due to your education and experience level (or lack thereof). While it is natural to feel anxious about that, it is essential to know that many manufacturing companies, like Lyons Industries, train you for the role you occupy.

What’s more, Lyons Industries will also provide you with the education and experience to move into advanced and promoted roles. With many factory jobs in Dowagiac, MI, Lyons Industries is a staple in the community and a top company in its field.

Entry Level Job

When you apply to Lyons Industries, you have access to entry-level positions that require no experience or education. Many of our long-term staff have come with no background in manufacturing and have chosen to make it their life career. Our company provides on-site training, excellent benefits, and top pay to our employees.

Manufacturing jobs can vary from simple tasks on a line to detailed-oriented processes behind the scenes. Whatever direction your interests take you, we give you the tools and resources to make your dream in manufacturing a reality. Your entry level position can quickly turn into a promotion with the right amount of motivation and direction.

Goal Planning and Mentorship

Not only do we offer extensive education and on-site experience at Lyons Industries, but we also offer company-provided mentorship services. With these programs, our employees can create long-term goals for their time at Lyons Industries and beyond, as well as seek guidance from a designated peer on their current role and desired plans.

An entry level job doesn’t have to come with minimal support and direction. We pride ourselves on being there to guide our employees in ways that speak to their interests and career goals. There are many no experience factory jobs in the industry, but the benefits our competitors offer pale in comparison to the standards that Lyons Industries upholds for our workers.

Work-Life Balance

As a company, we understand that growing in your career field can’t always be your number one priority. To create an adequate work-life balance, we provide paid time off to our employees after 90 days of employment. This amount increases on your first anniversary with the company, and additional time is added every year after that.

Having a factory job doesn’t mean that your life revolves around your employment. Family activities, as well as weddings, funerals, and sick days, come into play. Not only do we offer paid time off, but our staff members are provided with three unpaid personal days as well.

In Summary

All is not lost if you find yourself in the manufacturing industry with little education and experience. At Lyons Industries, we provide both to all of our employees from day one of employment, in addition to many other lucrative benefits.

If you are looking for factory jobs in Dowagiac, MI, don’t hesitate to take a moment to check out our company website and Apply Now!